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7 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice Their Instrument

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Make the Most out of Your Child's Music Lessons and Encourage Them to Practice Music at Home

In the midst of distractions like playtime or video games, finding the right chords to motivate your child for a practice session might seem like a tune stuck in a loop!

As a parent, fostering a genuine interest in learning music can sometimes prove difficult. However, amidst these challenges lies the key to unlocking a world of progress and enjoyment.

Discover how to bridge the gap and inspire your young musician's journey through consistent music practice in this guide to igniting their passion for learning music.

1. Understanding Their Motivation to Play Music

Remember the first time you saw your child's eyes light up while holding a musical instrument, the excitement palpable as they explored the world of sound? For many young kids, the journey into music begins with an infectious enthusiasm that harmonizes with the melodies they create. Yet, it's not uncommon for them to lose interest over time.

From common guitar mistakes and challenges they might face while mastering new techniques to the irresistible allure of distractions, it's crucial to delve into the why behind their shift in rhythm.

By uncovering and addressing these ebbs in enthusiasm, you can reignite the spark that made them want to play music in the first place. This motivational strategy will kickstart your child's interest in learning and making music again.

2. Making Practice Enjoyable

When it comes to practice sessions, it's important to find the balance between between learning and enjoyment. Crafting your child's own practice schedule, be it to practice piano, strumming the electric or acoustic guitar, or any other instrument, sets the tone for progress.

Turn those practice sessions into a series of music-filled adventures by infusing ear training games, challenges, and even rewards, transforming the routine into a journey of excitement. Framing practice as something fun and cool instead of just homework is how you can get your child learning with enthusiasm.

By blending education, positive reinforcement, and entertainment, you're helping your child play more music, unlocking their potential while creating a harmonious bond between them and their music education. This is where finding the right guitar teacher or music tutor is paramound!

3. Parental Involvement and Support

You don't need a backstage pass to join the musical journey! When parents engage with their child's practice routine it can strike a chord of positivity that resonates far beyond the music room.

When you're in the audience for their mini-concerts giving verbal praise or simply lending an ear as they pluck those strings or tap those keys, you're not just a listener – you're their biggest fan! If you're feeling extra adventurous, why not embark on a musical quest together?

Many parents learn alongside them which opens the door to a duet of shared experiences and tunes. Making practice fun is the name of the game here and younger children especially respond to parental involvement instead of forced discipline.

4. Showcasing Progress

Get ready to roll out the red carpet because it's time to give your budding musician a standing ovation! Celebrating your child's accomplishments keeps your child intrinsically motivated with encouragement that can set the tempo for continuous growth.

Grab your phone or camera and become a backstage documentarian by recording short videos of their performances. And if you're feeling like the ultimate stage manager, why not host a mini recital right in the comfort of your own home?

The spotlight isn't just on their music; it's on the boost in confidence that shines when they realize how far they've come. So, whether it's spontaneous applause or a mini-concert extravaganza, remember that every step they take during practice time is worth applauding. Celebrate achievements to encourage your child to practice music at home!

5. Organise Practice with Other Students and Children

When your child joins forces with fellow students, it's more than just playing together – it's a crescendo of confidence and camaraderie. Imagine the joy of sharing tunes and tips, a harmony of knowledge that makes each note resonate with newfound understanding. Performing together can help your child develop quicker musically, and with a newfound confidence!

It's not just about playing music; it's about creating memories. That's why Anthem is all about group-based music lessons in Manchester, where the rhythm of shared learning paves the way for a symphony of growth.

So let the collaboration begin – because when young musicians unite, the melody of their musical development reaches a whole new octave of awesome.

6. Fostering Instrument Pride

Just like a superhero's cape, a well-maintained musical instrument can be a source of pride and power. Dust off those keys, tighten those strings, and give it the TLC it deserves. Show your child the ropes of instrument care – from proper storage snuggled in its cozy case to a little cleaning serenade.

A gleaming instrument isn't just a sight for sore eyes; it's a motivation booster that harmonizes with your child's sense of accomplishment. Whether they are taking guitar lessons, piano practice, or playing with different instruments, it's important that your child's desire for music matches the care they take with their instrument.

Encourage your young musicians to add their personal touch – a splash of decoration here, a sprinkle of creativity there. With a practice area that's part stage and part studio, you're turning their musical journey into a showstopping performance of ownership and pride.

7. Choose the Right Music Teacher

Choosing your child's music teacher is the key to unlocking their full potential! Look for a teacher who's got the groove of patience, the harmony of expertise, and the melody of enthusiasm. And guess what?

At Anthem, our music teachers aren't just any teachers – they're bona fide professional musicians with a knack for transforming piano lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons, and more into electrifying sessions.

When you're on the hunt for the perfect mentor, remember that the right teacher doesn't just teach music; they become a guiding melody in your child's musical adventure. So, why not hit all the right notes with Anthem Music School?

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