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Guitar Open Day

Send us a message to find out when our next Guitar Open Day is scheduled for!

Come down to Anthem Music School to meet our guitar teachers and experience what our music lessons are like. We also have electric guitar lessons available in Urmston and Media City!

All you have to do is let us know you are coming by clicking the button below and we will give you a 30 minute time slot where you can grab a free lesson with us!

Local Guitar Lessons in Manchester

Anthem Tuition specialise in fun and exciting guitar lessons for students of all ages and abilities! Learn how to play your favourite songs in our small group guitar classes. The benefits of learning music in a small class setting over private guitar lessons with a guitar tutor helps to quickly develop students confidence playing in front of other musicians.


We firmly believe that learning the guitar should be an enjoyable experience, and we've curated an experience that guarantees just that. Our expert guitar tutors are not only skilled musicians but also passionate educators who make every strum and chord a fun-filled adventure.


Whether you're a complete beginner looking for guitar lessons in Manchster or already familiar with the fretboard, our guitar tuition covers it all, from the basics of music theory to exploring the world of popular music and beyond in many different genres.

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If you want to get your grades or just learn for fun, Anthem will show you everything you need to know!


Discover the joy of playing your favorite tunes, experiment with different genres, and unlock your inner rockstar with us. So, if you're ready to unleash your inner guitar hero, come join our vibrant community today! If you're trying to find guitar lessons in Manchester that will take your guitar playing to another level, you're in the right place. With Anthem Music School, learning the guitar is not just a skill – it's an adventure that's bound to strike the perfect chord between fun and mastery!

Whether you've played guitar before or you're a beginner guitarist, learn guitar in small group-friendly classes with a dedicated guitar teacher. We provide FREE TRIAL LESSONS if you'd like to come along and try a class out!


Harry has been having Guitar lessons for a while now and he absolutely loves them. His teacher is fantastic and very professional. Would definitely recommend Anthem Tuition for all music lessons.

Our Manchester guitar teachers are:

DBS Checked

University Trained 

Professional Musicians

Learning a solo instrument for the first time can sometimes make our younger students slightly nervous. Our teachers do their very best to make sure that everybody has a brilliant first guitar lesson. We make sure that everybody learns at their own pace and that having fun is at the heart of every class!

Guitar Summer School Manchester

Play Guitar In A Band!

We put on 2 big shows each year at Media City in Salford Quays.

All of our guitar students have the chance to take part. If you have only had a few lessons then you will be given really easy parts so that you can enjoy rocking out on stage. If you are one of our intermediate players then you will learn all of the guitar riffs that you will need to put on a mega rock show for your friends and family!

For those students that want a challenge then you can have the chance to play the lead guitar solos for your band and wow the audience with all of the brilliant guitar licks you have mastered in your lessons!

Got A Question? Send Us A Message Here:

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Donna McNally

Brody absolutely loves coming and learning to play guitar he has loved the band hub this week, he came home each day so excited. Brody struggles with his concentration and often feels he is unable to do things but the guys have so much patience, Brody is growing in confidence all the time thank you

DSC_0603 2.jpg

Karen Lythgoe

My son has been learning the guitar for a few months now and is doing really well. He said Adam "makes the lessons so much fun, he explains everything clearly and Adam is so cool when he plays his guitar!". He is back on track on his road to becoming a little rock star. I would definitely recommend Anthem Tuition. It's friendly, fun and the kids make good progress


Alison MacBean

My son has been going to lessons with Nick at Anthem Tuition for a few years now and he loves it! His lessons with Nick have taught him commitment, discipline and have helped his self esteem as well as developing playing skills! Thank you Anthem Tuition

What Sets Us Apart

playing guitar in a concert


Learning music should be fun! We make sure you are playing awesome songs and riffs from your first lesson.

guitar concert Manchester

Bespoke Lessons

Lessons are tailored around our students. You can choose to learn for fun or focus on completing the grade exams.

Guitar student


We use a dedicated music student software to keep you updated on lesson notes, lesson reminders and practise goals.

Anthem Music School Eccles


Our exciting twice yearly shows give you the chance to play in a live band on a big stage with full gig amplification and pro stage lighting. 

Salford guitar lessons


We have instrument specific course books available to take you from learning the basics through to rockstar riffs! 

acoustic guitar lessons


Our small group lessons give you the chance to become part of a guitar community that learn together and perform together.

Millie loves the music lessons with George. Really enjoyed the christmas show. Anthem as a whole have been great adapting to new challenges with social distancing. Excellent music school.

A picture of Mille at our summer school on Monton Road in Eccles

Guitar Lessons Eccles

What will I learn in my lessons?

It is crucial for every musician to develop a good understanding of rhythm and pulse. Your guitar lessons will have call and response sections to develop this skill. You will also be given tips and tricks to maintain a steady rhythm whilst playing the guitar

Early beginners and students of all levels are encouraged to develop their listening skills so that they can work songs out by ear, these are called aural skills. We will teach you to recognise changes in pitch and to be able to hear the difference between major and minor chords

Learn how to hold the guitar and where to place your fingers within each fret to produce the best sound. You will learn the different parts of the guitar: the head, the neck, the body, the frets and the names of the strings

We breakdown the process of reading standard music notation using the treble clef as well as how to read guitar TAB notation. You will be given tips and strategies for practising at home to make the most of your lesson time

vibes (2).jpg

You will get a set of really easy guitar warm ups, scales and patterns to develop the strength in your fretting hand. We also start students off with the easiest of guitar scales called E minor pentatonic, the name is a little scary but it's super simple

We will explain how to use your right hand to strum chords effectively, making sure that you hit all of the correct strings and showing you ways to make strumming patterns easy

Start learning famous rock styles and pop riffs from your very first lesson! Here are some of the bands and Artists we have been featuring in our lessons this year:

Guns N' Roses | Led Zeppelin | George Ezra | Bruno Mars | Taylor Swift | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Kings of Leon | Foo Fighters | Arctic Monkeys | Green Day | Queen | Muse | Ed Sheeran | AC/DC | Metallica | Fall Out Boy | The Killers | The White Stripes | Nirvana | Royal Blood | School Of Rock Soundtrack plus many more!

Get In Touch Here:


How To Find Us

Anthem Music School is located on Monton Road in Eccles​. We also have branches available in Urmston and Media City.

If you are driving down Monton Road, keep an eye out for Padgetts Estate Agents, we are located directly above them on the first floor. We have a big sign on the front of the building so that our customers can find us from the high street.

There is a free student car park at the back of our building and also on street parking if our car park is full. Book guitar lessons in Manchester today!

Excellent tuition at all levels to suit individual standards

and great communication. 

Andrew Redford

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