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Drum Lessons


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Looking for drum lessons in Manchester?

We believe that playing music should be fun! That is why we make sure you start playing along to songs you love from your very first lesson!

If you have never played the drums before then we have great beginner classes for both kids and adults. If you have some experience behind a drum kit, our teachers will help you expand on your current knowledge and help you reach the next level in your playing.

Manchester Drum Lessons

What Sets Us Apart

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Learning music should be fun! We get you playing drum beats to songs you like from your very first lesson!


Bespoke Music Lessons

You can choose to learn for fun or to complete your grade exams with us in Manchester today.

Salford Drum Lessons


Our drums tutors keep you up to date on what students are learning and what they need to practice each week for their next lesson. 



We put on 2 big shows in Media City for all of our students to play in each year!



Making good progress is key to good music lessons. Students have quality resources and course books to help them every step of the way.



Join our small group classes to meet people like you who love music. Come to learn your musical instrument and make lots of new friends in the process!


My two sons attended their first drum lesson last week. They absolutely loved it. The teacher was fab with them and their enthusiasm for helping the children reach their potential and most importantly enjoy their lessons shone through, they can't wait to go again.

Kristy Lomas

Drum Lessons Boy

Free Trial Lesson

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Beginner Drum Lessons in Manchester

We welcome any complete beginner by getting them sat behind the drums and explaining the different parts of the kit. New students of all ages can be taught by a drum teacher how to hold their drum sticks, followed by some simple stick patterns to get them playing around the drums. One of the first steps in learning a drum beat, is being able to hit two drums at the same time. Our Manchester drum teachers use a simple exercise and some play-along backing tracks to teach this skill. From there students are taught more interesting rudiments, how to add in other parts of the drums into their grooves, and how to play some of their favourite songs and rock beats! 

Beginner Drum Lessons
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Intermediate Drum Lessons

You've got your basic grooves sounding good on the drum kit and you can play along to your favourite music. What next? You will start to dive a little deeper into your stick control, music theory, rhythm, looking at tips, tricks, and specific methods for playing faster and improving your control and creativity on the drum set. You will look at how to get the best sound out of the drums and how you need to adjust your playing style for different performance scenarios. The next level of drum grooves you learn will involve more syncopation, using accents and even looking at linear drum patterns. You will start to look at different drum beats from around the world and dip into new genres of music that will help you to grow not only as a drummer, but as a well rounded musician. One of the most interesting parts of the intermediate drum lessons are looking at some of the most influential drummers in history and learning what they do that makes them so special. Drummers like Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Ringo Starr (The Beatles), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Buddy Rich (Jazz Legend). Following this, you will be show how to incorporate aspects of their playing into your own to come up with your own unique sound behind the drums.  

Advanced drum lessons

Advanced Drum Lessons

Our Manchester drum school only uses professional drummers who are capable of training advanced drummers who are looking to turn their hobby into a career. Our drum teacher team have experience performing at both national and international level. Musicians that have been practising for years honing their craft will be encouraged by our expert tutors and drum teachers in Manchester to reach the highest level in their playing. Students are taught by a drums tutor to master a wide range of drumming styles and explore a variety of concepts that will enable them to increase both speed and versatility on the drums. An advanced player will also have the opportunity to explore drum recording techniques, video making for drums and other real world skills that the modern drummer needs to know to succeed in today's pro drummer circuit. 

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How To Find Us

Anthem Music School is on Monton Road in Eccles. We have free parking at the back of our building and there is also free on street parking only a short walk away.


Anthem Music School, 193 Monton Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 9PN 

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