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Manchester Music School gives students VIP ROCKSTAR experience

Anthem Music School is revolutionizing the way music is taught to students by providing them with a VIP ROCKSTAR experience. The school, owned by Adam and Rachel Atkins, not only teaches students how to play their instruments but goes the extra mile to ensure they feel like a Rockstar. From the early stages of their musical journey, students are invited to take part in a spectacular concert featuring stage lights, a full tech crew, and even smoke cannons!

But that's not all! After their performances, students get to experience a red carpet VIP photo shoot, making them feel like true superstars. This unique approach to music education is what sets Anthem apart from other music schools and has gained a loyal customer base of over 600 students to date.

Adam and Rachel graduated from Salford University in 2008 and made it their mission to make learning an instrument as fun as possible for people of all ages. Learning an instrument is not only a positive hobby that provides people with a valuable life skill, but it also has a huge impact on positive mental health and helps develop children's confidence. The Manchester based Music School offer free taster lessons to anybody who is thinking of taking up a musical instrument:

At Anthem, students work within small classes to develop ensemble skills, stage confidence, take part in band workshops, and learn valuable performance skills. Most musicians will only experience playing on large stages when they have reached a professional level in their career. Anthem make sure that all of their students have the chance to take part in their professional-level Rockstar concerts!

Anthem also offers a unique experience for their students called 'Solo Recording Sessions.' Recording a music video is typically reserved for musicians who have signed a record deal, but at Anthem, students get to shoot their very own music video and experience the life of a professional recording artist. They learn how to work with a studio microphone and gain new skills by working with a recording engineer. Once they've laid down the audio recording, they then learn how to work with a camera, shooting multiple video angles to sync with their audio recording.

Anthem Music School is committed to providing their students with a unique and unforgettable experience that goes beyond just learning how to play an instrument. To learn more about Anthem and their classes, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Contact them at or call 07580761238.

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